On Wednesday. Apple announced that the company will be launching some of the New Accessibility Features to iPhone, Watches, and iPad. The new features are expected to come around during the future weeks and days.

So, here are the New Accessibility Features to iPhone that is expected to come. The first comes the feature of a new service called SignTime. The feature is already released in the market. This feature will allow the customers to directly contact Apple customer service in their native language. The features will start working in the countries that are US, UK, and France with American Sign Language, British Sign Language, and French Sign Language, respectively. Moreover, the feature will also allow the person to contact customer service when the person goes to buy a new Apple product. As from now onwards there will be no need of making an advance appointment.

With the coming of the SignTime feature. The other features include software updates with the launch of the new features. This is done to make Apple’s software and hardware more accessible for people with cognitive, mobility, hearing, and vision disabilities. That will as a result hit Apple’s platforms sometime later this year.

The next thing which Apple is aiming for is to bring some of the improvements to the VoiceOver screen-reader for blind or low-vision users. The company also claims that from now onwards VoiceOver will be able to read off the contents of a receipt in a more useful way. Apple says in a statement that “Slight right profile of a person’s face with curly brown hair smiling.”

The next thing comes is that sooner the iPadOS will be able to support third-party MFi eye-tracking devices. The users with disabilities will use devices to control computing devices with their eyes. The pointer will follow the user’s gaze. The actions can be performed when the user maintains eye contact on a UI element for a short period.


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