Benefits of Charcoal for Skin: How to make and use charcoal masks at home

Gone are the days when charcoal was mere the waste that remained after a night of bonfire. In the last few years, charcoal has amassed a huge reputation for itself as an ingredient for skincare products. This single ingredient product craze caught up after charcoal-infused products made it to the shelves of the supermarkets. The benefits of charcoal for skin have made it a go-to for anybody having skin troubles.

Brands have charcoal-based special skincare product ranges for women and men. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind is not all charcoal can be used for skin if you want to take full benefits of charcoal for skin then you need Activated charcoal that is the one that does wonders to the skin, so don’t go around looking for burnt pieces of wood to apply on your skin.

Activated charcoal is one of the best ingredients to cleanse pores and dirt from under your skin. It is produced by exposing the regular charcoal to higher temperatures than that black powder is used in various skincare, haircare, and even dental products. Activated charcoal is also known as activated carbon. Activated charcoal is negatively charged in nature so it automatically attracts positively charged dust particles and toxins to the surface of the skin for cleansing and gives the skin that desired freshness and glows.

This article will cover some of the benefits of charcoal for skin and how you can use it for your skin.

Benefits of Charcoal for skin

  1. Charcoal does wonders with removing impurities from the skin it pulls out all the dirt and toxins from the skin and then does a wonderful cleansing job on the skin. Charcoal facewash will always leave you feeling fresh.
  2. Charcoal can help get rid of acne too since it has antibacterial properties charcoal helps pull out the acne-causing bacteria from under the skin, reduces inflammation, and improves the texture of the skin.
  3. Activated charcoal has anecdotal properties too that can help the skin get rid of any rash or swelling from an insect bite or allergy. The benefits of charcoal for skin include improving skin’s health as well as its glow.

How to make and use charcoal masks at home

  1. Using a mixture of charcoal and clay powder mask can help deal with the oily skin and many other problems that come with it, it can help you deal with acne and pimples. Just take one tbsp of charcoal powder, 1tbsp of clay powder, and a bit of green tea to make a paste. Apply this paste on your face for 20 minutes then wash it off you will start to notice the difference after the first use only.
  2. You can also make a very easy, refreshing hydrating charcoal with the help of few basic ingredients you will need 1 tbsp of bentonite clay (multani mitti), ½ tbsp raw honey, 1tbsp activated charcoal powder, 1 tbsp of any essential oil, and 2 tbsp of water. First of all mix the water with the oil and then add the clay to it let it rest for 2-3 minutes then add the activated charcoal to it, stir until you get a consistent texture. Apply it on your face, let it rest for 15-20 minutes or till it dries. Wash your face with water.
  3. The benefits of charcoal for skin can be obtained much more significantly via charcoal masks. A very simple charcoal mask can be made at home using only three ingredients 1 tbsp of activated charcoal powder, 1 tbsp of witch hazel, 3-4 tbsp of tea tree essential oil. Pour the charcoal powder into a bowl add the tea tree oil and then add the witch hazel, combine all the ingredients together and apply on the acne let it dry, and then wash it off. You can use this mask 2-3 times a week to help treat acne.

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