Avni & Neil reunites for Mishti! Naamkaran 16th November 2017 Episode Written Updates

In the last episode of Naamkaran, we had seen that Neil tells DD that they have to trap Vidyut anyhow and gets sad recalling Avni’s words. Neela goes to talk to Avni and says that Neil should not scold her in front of everyone. Avni says that she had also told many bad things to Neil and felt apologetic. Shweta then goes to Neela and ask her to find some way. Neela tells that they have to test Juhi as she is getting the intuition that Mishti is not Neil’s daughter.

Vidyut on the other side sees Juhi aka Meher’s pic and says that she had lied to everyone and is now using Neil’s emotions. He recalls seeing Juhi and Avni in the market and says that now he will not let them roam free. Mishti neglects to play with Juhi and says that she made Neil fights with Avni. Juhi says that she has to make the situations fine between Neil and Avni for Mishti.

Neil misses Avni and so that Avni recalls whatever happened between her and Neil. Juhi goes to Neil and asks about the matter. Neil says that he doesn’t want to share his feelings about Avni to her. Vidyut meets Gurumaa and she tells him that Juhi is using Neil to be safe. Vidyut assures his mother that he will get her out and will make Neil’s life hell. Avni then goes to Neil and apologize for her behavior. Neil does the same and hugs her.

In today’s episode of Naamkaran, we are going to see that Neil and Avni will argue with each other again and Mishti will go to them. She will ask them to stop their fight and hug her. Neil and Avni will do that for Mishti’s happiness and will forget the bitterness. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Naamkaran like this.


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