How to Start Investing Online in Stock Market 2021 | Learn to Invest on the Grow App

In this article, we will talk about the How to start investing online in Stock Market 2021. Investing is a topic that a lot of people are confused about whether a lot of people invest in mem stocks or just some random stuff that is giving crazy returns and that’s why I want you to make educated decisions right, that’s what I want. And so I’ll talk about the best resources I’ve been using and they’ve helped me a ton. I hope you get to learn something. So without delay let’s start.

How to Start Investing Online in Stock Market 2021

The first thing we’ll talk about is books. Books aren’t going to be free for you, but if you buy a book and apply what they’re saying it’s effectively going to be free because you learned something and now you can use it as your investment in your career. Trying to implement in the ah mindset so that you get more rewards. It’s going to be effectively free that being said let’s talk about the first book we want you to read and that would be.

Psychology of Money

The Psychology of Money is a wonderful book by Morgan Housel. It does an excellent job of explaining how you should think about money or money in general, it talks about a lot of different matters. It’s a lot of different people from all around the past century from the 1930s till now in 2021 and it gives you a perspective on how people think about money how they go about making money through the stock market think and how it has helped them, how they played against them will give you complete information about all these things, here are some great examples of compounding. About taking a risk in the stock market, problems with risk-reward with risk. It will also talk about trading. So, that’s basically what I want you to read its an excellent book. I highly recommend you go pick up that book. The next book I want to talk about is ‘One Up on Wall Street by

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is actually a fund manager who used to manage Magellan Fund in America and that fund gave 30% return every year and he was great at picking stocks that are going to perform well in the future. In them is because what he shares throughout the book talks about the investment mindset that every other person should have. He also talks about the different types of stocks and how you should think about choosing them. needed. I think it’s an excellent read, pick up that book [it’s not huge. It’s about 3 or 4 hours highly recommended if you listen to it on audiobook it talks about various mistakes people make as beginner investors his book was published in 1990, I would say. But even after 30 years, the principle he talks about is timeless and I think you should go through that book completely.

Moving on to the third book, which I would like you to see.

Dhandho Investor by Mohnish Pabrai

Mohnish Pabrai talks about the business mindset which basically means betting in which if you lose you don’t lose much and if you win, you win big that’s about the whole idea of ​​value investing. Talk about what Warren Buffet teaches and I think it’s a wonderful book if you want to understand how to choose these companies. How to choose these stocks that will perform well over the long term, to the point they may be undervalued, so how do you find that value, how do you find that margin of safety, how do you find your comparative advantage of these companies How to find and then you should try to invest in them.

Moving on to the fourth book, just a small mention is going to be.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

I guess you call it John C. Bogle. Now John C. Bogle takes a different approach, he talks about the idea of ​​passive investing in index funds. He founded a company called ‘Vanguard Fund’ and Vanguard Fund is basically the biggest company having index funds in which people can invest and basically talk about whether investing in index funds is a good idea Why is it? So, these were the 4 books that I would recommend you to check out.

How to Invest in Groww App

Many people might be wondering about which app you should use and how you can start investing. And this is where you can use the ‘Groww App’. Grow is a 0 commission online investment platform you can use which is being used by over 10 million users with over 5K mutual funds that you can choose from over 40+ AMCs, you can use UPI or Debit Card Or you can also do NEFT and this is one platform that I personally am using since Sept of 2020 and I think the UI is really good you can see properly that Mutual Funds What’s good and you can even compare them, all the transactions that you do on the Grow app will be 128bit SSL encrypted and hence you can be assured of safety and security for what you are investing.

You can open a free Groww account by simply putting in your

  1. PAN card
  2. your photo
  3. your bank details
  4. your address proof as well as the KYC
  5. and you’ll be good to go
  6. and you can start investing using the Groww app.

Now all you have to do is give an example of how Grow app actually works. Let us take the case of ‘Nippon India’ Small Cap Fund, you can look at the past performance that this particular fund has given. You can also see how it is performing against other funds in this particular category. You can choose from assets under management, expense ratio, exit load, profit and loss, fund manager, and all these things are available in just one place for you to choose from, you can either do a SIP or you can do a lump sum.

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Grow has made it very easy for you to start investing in mutual funds and I think it is a great platform from which you can start investing for free.

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