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It’s no secret that Scott Disick has nothing for very young ladies. Kourtney Kardashian ex and father are currently dating 19-year-old model Melia Hamlin, who is the youngest daughter of reality star Lisa Reina and actor Harry Hamlin. But despite being in a relationship with Amelia Scott, she recently admitted that she’s having a hard time accepting Kourtney’s relationship with Travis Barker. So how does she feel about Scott? What about Kourtney to Amelia?

Kourtney Kardashian Talk About Scott Disick’s Relationship

Scott Disick dating history I think it’s safe to say Kourtney Kardashian finally breaks silence on Scott Disick’s young girlfriend was the only weirdo of age and Kourtney broke up for good in 2015 after Scott allegedly cheated on her and although there have been many rumors about these two getting back together, now it seems that is not all Kourtney Kardashian Blink has been in a relationship with drummer Metravis Barker since January 182 and she is reportedly more in love than ever for Scott, he began dating 19-year-old Amelia Hamlin in October 2020 and although Amelia’s It was claimed at the time with the parents that Amelia was just going through Efscot and Amelia is still with Amelia’s mother Lisa Reina was recently asked to comment on their daughter.

Relationship with a guy who is 18 years old and all she had to say is it’s the same boys it’s the same but how does she feel about Kourtney like the father of her kids who is technically still a teenager because he’s Scott was broken with. 2015 Kourtney has consistently supported Scott seeking help with his substance and mental health, although she was not really thrilled with her choice of girlfriends shortly after Kourtney and Scott split, with rumors that Scott married Chloe Bartoli. Will do Scott and Chloe, who were seven years younger than him, were first seen together in Monaco.

Scott was also linked to former Disney star Bella Thorne, who was 14 years younger than Scott just days before working with Bella, in 2015 before reuniting again in 2017 and Khanabella later said she had Khan left when she realized she could. Don’t handle Scott’s party lifestyle. The actress said Scott is really nice, charming but I don’t drink a lot here, go out and have fun I like To dance but I just don’t party like that and it’s like Mason Bella And that was a lot for Chloe. Both were out of the picture and Scott sparked rumors of a romance with another younger lady. This time Sofia Richie’s eyes were on Lionel Richie’s daughter, who is 15 years younger than Scottin Fact Sofia. At just 18, she was photographed flirting with Scott while she was celebrating her 34th birthday on Ayach and Sofia.

At first denied that anything romantic was going on between Herr and Scott and claimed that they were justified, although it soon became clear to all that there was something more between them after a wild summer at Francesco. going on and Sofia was seen locking arms after a dinner date in Malibu, Scott finally made his new relationship official on Instagram, sharing a photo of him with Sofia, then posting a photo of the news from Puerto Vallarta confirmed their romantic getaway to Mexico, and Scott and Sofia continued their relationship with Kourtney on social media, despite backlash over their age difference, she had yet to publicly comment on Scott’s new girlfriend.

Although the source told Us Weekly in September 2017 that Kourtney thought Scott and Sofia’s relationship was a bit awkward. But also added that when it comes to Scott now that nothing is surprising, fans are also surprised that any 15 years his junior was dating uncomfortable and some of them even said that he Told how creepy it was that Sofia looked like a light-haired 20-year-old Kourtney which really drove the fan crazy. However, when Scott shared a video of his confidence in Santa sleepwear in front of Scott, with his father Lionelrichie’s song playing in the background all night, a fan at the time commented that Scott and Sofia were never cute enough for me. Will be It’s scary and don’t get me wrong. The age gap isn’t a problem but they look creepy and the sister can’t even order cocktails but Scott and Sophia really didn’t pay much attention to the critics.

Scott defended his romance with Sophia, stating that he was the first girl other than Kourtney to have an actual relationship, although Scott and Sophia’s relationship had begun to decline, with Scott reportedly dating Kanye West’s album release. At the party, the mystery woman was seen molesting.

As per the reports on her Instagram stories threw shade at the rumors and even Kourtney seemed on board with Scott and Sofia’s romance at this point, to prove just how good she was with the whole thing. Kourtney joined Scott and Sofia on a holiday break in Cancun in December 2018, although the Kardashians start the following year after Sofia retains her, you can tell things were still pretty awkward between these three ended early on kuwtk and he left the show in February 2020 to focus on acting, it didn’t take long for the breakup rumors to resurface and although Scott and Sofia reportedly started Q Scott soon realized that they had too many complicated issues to work through and decided to check themselves into rehab in May 2020 and while Sofia was initially supportive of Scott.

She decided to take a break from the relationship did until Scott straightened himself out more, but an actual breakup and less than a month later Scott reported in the investigation into Rehab Page Six that he had made things interesting for the better. A source told the outlet that one of the reasons Sophia left it was that Courtney had molested her.

It didn’t make it easy for you and you can only tolerate that kind of treatment for so long. Scott has then been linked to a few other significant young ladies, with the latest being 19-year-old Hamelia HamlinScott and Amelia were first seen together at Kendall Jenner’s 25th birthday party in October 2020 and romance rumors were confirmed when The pair were seen sharing PDA on a beach in Malibund, while Amelia’s parents are absolutely over the moon that her teenage daughter is dating a middle-aged father of ThreeKourtney, apparently Scott’s. Totally upset by the new relationship, a source close to Kourtney recently told Exclusively that the reality star is busy living her best life and enjoying her romance with Travis to care for Scott’s girlfriend.

“It’s not strange for her to see them together anyway,” said the source, as the insider for the rest of Kardashian Jenner explained that they’ve been nice to Amelia and supported her and Scott’s relationship, But they’re not as close with her as they were with Sofia Richie, then Also the source added that Kourtney Kardashian finally breaks silence on Scott Disick’s young girlfriend too. She’s been into her world with her new rocker boyfriend and says they’re so obsessed with each other and now we’re also hearing Scott is disappointed about Kourtney’s non-reaction to his relationship with Emilia and Wish their situation was affected and Kourtney recently attended Scott’s 38th birthday party and the source revealed that the whole thing was a little weird.

Scott wishes Kourtney was more impressed than it was about Kourtney and Travist But Scott isn’t the only one who thinks the whole situation is weird as the Instagram account Duma recently posted a tip from someone claiming he had caught Courtney Scott Travis and Scott’s girlfriend Emilia Hamlin had seen. DoubleDate et Nobune fan commented It’s weird to me what 2001 kid has to do with these grown-ups, I know the dinner was weird as hell and estimated that over 200 people Who was the first of those who liked this comment, preferring himself as Barker to fans, they are now slamming Scott for being nervous about Kourtney not being affected by his relationship with Emilia. also reported that Scott began dating Amelia months before Kourtney began dating Travis, and a fan commented that it hurts to see her with someone else, but that she was happy when they were together. was.

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She is unhappy to see the freak that makes her happy. Why people send them works way better so now I want to know how you feel about Scott saying he wants Courtney to be with Amelia on his own. be more impressed by the relationship, are you glad that Kourtney Kardashian finally breaks silence on Scott Disick’s young girlfriend has moved on.


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