Molkki 7 September Episode Written Update: Virendra released from jail

Here Molkki 7 September Episode Written Update. The new episode of Molkki begins where Purvi tells Daksh that she is ready to marry him. She says Nani is right saying that today you are my ideal partner I don’t love you but I trust you and tomorrow who knows I will start loving you. After hearing Purvi’s decision, Nani says it is your right decision and I am sure that you will live happily together. Later, Nani blesses him and starts preparing for their wedding.

Molkki 7 September 2021 Full Episode Written Update

The next morning Daksh goes to the police station to know about the whole incident that happened last night. Nani stops him and asks him to focus on his wedding instead. Everyone has breakfast with Juhi and Manas at the dining table where Purvi serves them food. Talking about Nani Daksha and Purvi marriage Manas asks her who is going to get married. Nani responds and says, Daksh and Purvi are going to get married soon, both the kids are shocked and looking at each other.

Virendra comes to Daksh’s house to pick up his kids, Nani is shocked and Daksh smiles and asks him how he got out of jail. Virendra tells her that one day the truth will come out, no matter what, the police find out about Susheela, falsely accusing her of why they leave her. Chandni believes that she already knows that you are not such a person.

Later, she asks where does the police get the evidence. When he wakes up in jail, says Virendra, he remembers how Susheela has framed him and tells the police that he has installed a CCTV camera in his house. Then, Ployce examines all the footage and finds out how Sushila spiked her drink and tore her blouse.

Virendra tells Daksh that he will not leave the person behind it and will look at Nani. Chandni curses the person who did this. Daksh asks where is Sushila now, Virendra says that she has already run away with her kids. Then, Daksha offered food to Virendra.

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After this, Purvi goes to Virendra’s house and apologizes to him for all this. She tells that she was wrong after hearing Sushila’s false allegation. Virendra tells that it’s fine it’s not your fault. She asks for relief that she brings him the pudding which she made with her own hand. She also adds and says that she knew it was your favorite dish and added less sugar because she knew she was a diabetic.

Later, Daksh also comes there and gives her his wedding card and invites her. Virendra gets shocked hearing this. Daksha also told them the date of his marriage. Virendra congratulated both of them.

Here the episode ends.

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