Google's Battery App 'Device Health Services' Comes to Play Store

Google is moving more and more apps from it’s stock-android stock to the play store. We have seen many apps making their way to the Play store in the past like the Dialer, Google Keyboard (now Gboard), Google Assistant and more. Now, Google’s very own battery management app, named Device Health Services managed to make it’s way to google play store.

For those who are thinking what is so special fuss about this battery management app when Play store is filled with apps such as this. First, it is the official battery management app from Google. And second, Device Health Services predicts how long your battery will last on the basis of your personal usage pattern of the device, which goes by the name, “Personalized battery usage estimates”.

Those who are updating the apps won’t notice much of the difference. It looks like all the changes are basically under the hood and no visual changes.


Google's Battery App 'Device Health Services' Comes to Play Store Google's Battery App 'Device Health Services' Comes to Play Store

As good news it may sound it is just as sad as well. Unfortunately, the update is only available for Pixel and Nexus users (as old as Nexus 5) and that too only for who are residing U.S. as it is the stock battery management app for those devices. Pixel and Nexus owners of other countries will only see the error when going to play store. on the other hand, other device holders are getting an incompatible message on play store.

We hope may android include this feature as part of the system in next big update to Android 9.


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