Are you a fan of sugary-sweet beverages? Then you may want to change your mind after reading this article. An analysis of new studies, including 2,50,000 people has confirmed that sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) have a link to overweight and obesity in both, adults and children. The review which includes 30 new studies, published between the years 2013 and 2015, has concluded with such a result. The study says that the countries, who have not taken any measures on this, must take some action on this as soon as possible.

The lead author of the review Dr Maria Luger, Special Institute for Preventive Cardiology And Nutrition SIPCAN, Salzburg, Austria, EASO President Elect Dr Nathalie Farpour-Lambert (University Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland) and Dr Maira Bes-Rastrollo, University of Navarra, Spain, and Carlos III Institute of Health, Spain, along with few other authors have written the review.

Dr Farpour-Lambert explained, “The evidence base linking SSBs with obesity and overweight in children and adults has grown substantially in the past 3 years. We were able to include 30 new studies not sponsored by the industry in this review, an average of 10 per year. This compares with a previous review that included 32 studies across the period 1990-2012.”

The experts examined the data received from 2,44,651 participants in this new review. In terms of the geographical area covered for the studies, 33% was done in Europe, 23% was done in the US, 17% in the Middle or South America, 10% in Australia, 7% in South Africa and the remaining 10% in Iran, Thailand and Japan.

The other diet and lifestyle factors may also have a relation with these sugary sweet beverages and body weight. Many studies have also pointed out at such factors, but the number of studies linking the sugary beverages and overweight point out towards an independent effect of the sugary beverages. Thus, in order to build a healthy society, measures should be taken at grass root levels, the reviewers further added.



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