Weight Loss, Cancer

According to a new study that involved researchers from the University of Calgary, putting down the food item that can lead you to those extra kilos could protect you from deadly disease cancer.

The study was a part of the Canadian Population Attributable Risk of Cancer Project (COMPARE), the researchers looked many cases of cancers that could be avoided over the next few decades if people lost weight.

Weight Loss, Cancer

One of the lead researchers, Darren Brenner who is an assistant professor of oncology at the U of C, said, “There’s about 12 cancer sites where there’s strong evidence to suggest that having excess body weight is related to an increased risk of cancer.”

“So, some of these cancer sites include colon, breast, endometrial, kidney, esophageal and a long list of others.”

According to an estimate, tens of thousands of Canadians will be diagnosed with the deadly disease because carrying some extra kilos.

Brenner added that the number of obese and overweight Canadians was cut in half, we would see a significantly massive drop in the number of cases over the next 25 years.

He said, “If we could just reduce the incidence or the prevalence of obesity in Canada back to where they were in the early ’90s, we could potentially avoid 60,000 cancer cases in Canada.”

The study also noted that if nothing changes, over 26,000 cases of cancers in 2042 could be pinned on extra weight.


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