Intel is speculated to sell off a majority of the stake to invest in an augmented reality (AR) oriented company. Their primary objective this year is to produce consumer smart glasses. This counter-part of Intel will be called Vaunt. According to a report published by The Verge, the smart glasses are referred as ‘Super Lite,’ internally. Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta Computer is reportedly in touch with Intel with regards to this matter. The smart glasses by Intel will come with the ability to connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. Other feature includes the ability to laser project information in the wearer’s field of view.

The report by Verge suggests how the company includes former employees from Recon Instruments. For those who aren’t aware, Recon Instruments is an augmented reality (AR) wearable company that Intel had acquired back in 2015. However, Intel had to shut down the sector due to reasons unknown. This project is not Intel’s first move into the augmented reality (AR) field. “The company has worked with industrial AR headset company Daqri, and attempted to launch a VR-like merger reality headset design known as Project Alloy, although that was scrapped last year.”

Even though, we don’t know much about Intel’s plans with regards to smart glasses. The idea of commercial intelligent wearables backed by a company as big as Intel is truly exciting. Majority of the companies have expressed their interest in producing glasses-based AR. Take, for instance, Amazon – who has reportedly been working on Alexa-powered glasses for long but haven’t exactly been able to deliver the same. Other technology giants including Apple, Facebook, and Google, are also reportedly focusing on Augmented Reality (AR) based products. Smaller companies like Vuzix, however, are moving into space. It is hard to say how ambitious Intel’s plans with regards to this project are.


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