Karnataka man set wife on fire while she was teaching in class

The government lower primary school in  Karnataka, a 50-year-old teacher was set on fire by her husband on a Wednesday morning. The school on the outskirts of the city in Shambaiahna Palya.

Ms. Sunanda was set on fire when she was teaching three students in the school. Her husband  Renukananda, barged into the classroom and doused her with petrol. Before that, he told the children to leave saying that he wants to talk to his wife. Littel while later everyone heard Ms. Sunanda’s screams for help.

The headmaster of the M. Shivanna who rushed to her with a table cloth said,”When I heard a Lourd scream in help, I rushed out toward the class room and saw Renukananda running from the school towards his parked car. When I entered the classroom I saw Ms. Sunanda was all in flame. I took a table cloth to put out the flame.”

Mr. Shivanna told children to help but some ran panic, some followed him and brought water to put out the flames. then took her to near by private hospital in the city. The doctor told that her 40% body is burnt but she is out of danger now. She is still under observation. thanks to Mr. Shivanna’s presence of mind that helped to save her life.

After the questioning and investigation, the police learned that Renukananda first spoke with the headmaster and told him that her wife is sick with chikungunya and wants to take her to the doctors. Mr. Shivanna told the police that he thought that they are husband and wife and wanted to talk in private so let them and he allowed children to sit in his class for a while.

According to the police, Renukananda is Sunanda’s second husband and they were fighting over money. he was demanding Rs. 2 lakh and gold valuables from her to start a business venture but she was refusing. Karnataka Superintendent of Police B. Ramesh has set a special team to track down Renukananda.


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