Rahul gandhi referred Amma to his launch Indira Canteen

On Wednesday Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi along with state Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has launched  ‘Indira Canteen’ in Bengaluru, Karnataka. According to Rahul Gandhi Indira Canteen main motive is “Food for All”. Which means everyone can eat here. It will serve lunch and dinner for just Rs 10 and breakest for Rs 5.He also accidentally referred Karnataka government’s subsidized food as Amma Canteen. Since then he is in a spotlight.

While inaugurating the Indira Canteen on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi said,” In the Bangalore city not a single person will go hungry. with the help of state of Karnataka under Siddaramaih Ji’s soon, over the next couple of months, no one will be complaining about the empty stomach in the state.

According to the scheme till the October 2 to marked as Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birthday. 101 canteen will be opened now and 97 will open afterward. At first, it was given the name “Amma Canteen” later they changed it into “Indira Canteen”

To set 198 canteens about 100 crores will be provided in the budget. Rahul Gandhi called the world an “Unfair place” where people still go to sleep empty stomach. He also had a same lunch in the same canteen along with the working class, construction worker, and the auto rickshaw drivers.

Rahul Gandhi says that there are so many people in the country who live in a huge house and have plenty of food, they have lots of money big cars. they have nothing to cry about and on the other ha, d there are million of people from a poor family, who don’t have enough money, enough food to feed all family like small labors barbers, and auto rickshaw driver. The main motive for all this to fill the belly of poor and weakest section in Bangalore. He says that he doesn’t want any single minute where a poor person goes hungry.


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