The scientists have spotted a new species of water spider near the coastline of Australia’s “Sunshine State” of Queensland. According to the report, the reason behind the evolution of such water-adapted spiders is the high tide of the sea that happened on 11th January 2009. The team of researchers from the Queensland Museum discovered these spiders. Dr. Barbara Baehr headed the team.

The new species is named after reggae music artist Bob Marley, inspired from his song High Tide and Low Tide. Thus, the team named the new species of spider as Desis bobmarleyi.

The study report is published in the journal Evolutionary Systematic. The research was conducted by Dr. Barbara Baehr, Robert Raven, and Danilo Harms, affiliated with Queensland Museum and the University of Hamburg.

Reportedly, Desis bobmarleyi are truly marine unlike the spiders which people are familiar with. As the time went by, they have adapted themselves to live underwater. The study reveals that they like to hide in barnacle shells, corals or kelp holdfast during high tide. To breathe, they build air chambers using sands. They come out to hunt small invertebrates near the surfaces of the rocks, corals and plants after the sea water recedes.

Another fact that the researchers discovered is that their size varies from gender to gender. The researchers described the male and female specimens from brain coral which revealed that the size of the females is larger than the males. The studied specimen size of the female spider is about 9mm while the male spiders measure around 6mm. Talking about their color, the body of both the sexes are characterized by red-brown colors while their legs are orange-brown. Their legs are capped by a dense layer of dark grey hair.

The actual origin of this new species of spider is still unknown. It is believed that they are from the intertidal zones located on the north-eastern coast of Queensland. The researchers said that they will have to conduct further research to understand the function and behavior of these species to unlock their key secrets.


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