In the last episode of Ishqbaaz, we had seen that Bhavya ask the boy to go and leaves with Rudra. She then asks Shivaye to go and manage Anika. Rudra on the other side keep on sending the card to Bhavya but she refuses to take it. Shivaye tells Anika that their love will not get less if they will get older too. He kissed her and ask her to let her hair open. Rudra and Bhavya on the other side argue with each other and Bhavya gets fume by Rudra.

Shivaye starts convincing Anika and says that when they get old their relation will get perfect. Anika apologizes to Shivaye for her anger and hugs him. Gauri goes to Om and tells him that she have to do this marriage for the sake of Richa. He asks Om to leave else the situation will get worst. Om thinks that how can he leave by seeing his love in difficulty.

Gauri sees Om and Ajay notice this. He forcefully takes her and clicks pics with her. Rudra with Bhavya and Anika comes there and Om asks them that they should not create any drama. Anika tells Om that they don’t come to see Guari getting married. Shivaye and Rudra then remove their turban and stands in front of Om.

In today’s episode of Ishqbaaz, we are going to see that Anika will tell Gauri and Bhavya that she is going to do a test which will make them both tensed. Anika will tell them that she wants to test that how much trust is there between her and Shivaye.

On the other side, Gauri and Om will get close to each other. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Ishqbaaz like this.


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