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With Google’s Android Nougat 7.0 crossing the 1-percent milestone in January, the Search Engine Giant is almost set on rolling out the next version to the super-successful mobile Operating system in the time to come.

In the latest reports by the company and other reliable sources, Google has been working on the successor to the Android Nougat for some time now. Dubbed as Android O 8.0, where according to a few sources O could stand for Oreo, the new version Android looks very promising when it comes to packing newer and more exciting features. Some of the features of the yet-t-be released mobile operating system have been released in a leak as so far look good as they suggest that Google would be making way for a revamped notification panel along with new adaptive icons, automatic text copying, etc.

Earlier Google had released a report on 9to5Google making a mention of this new platform with improved notification features alongside the adaptive icon badges. This basically translates to the fact that the app icon would keep changing or updating itself based on the notification that has been received on the same. The picture-on-picture mode that Google has planned would be bringing the multitasking aspect of most Android devices to the fore. This feature in the new Android O would enable the user to let a video be squeezed up inside a little floating window while the user is working on any other app.

The Android O would be released in its beta for the developers to tinker with it while the final versions would come out sometime later this year.

These changes that have been made by Google on the new platform are expected to be way more than just some changes and tweaks to the UI. These changes are projected to enhance the feel of the platform and would also harvest on the powerful processor those most high-end devices come packed with.


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