In the most recent reports, Telecom debutante Reliance Jio has filed a complaint with the Indian advertisement Watchdog, ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) alleging that Airtel has been misleading and misinforming the customers by claiming that it is the fastest network in the country.

The bone of contention between the two titans of the telecom industry goes back to when in an attempt to invigorate its campaign to woo new customers, Indian Telecom Giant Bharti Airtel had released an official statement over it being dubbed as the fastest 4G network in the country by Network diagnostic and testing service, Ookla a couple of weeks ago. As per the report released by Ookla, it indeed had claimed that Airtel is the fastest network in India.

Later on, the same study was used by Airtel for propelling its advertisement campaigns. The complaint lodged by Jio In this regards says, “The claim of Airtel that it is India’s fastest network is false, misleading and incorrect.” Further, it also states that “The claim is being made by Airtel acting in a mala fide manner in collusion with Ookla LLC, who profess to be experts in the domain space of testing mobile internet speed.” The company that entered the Indian Telecom sector last year and has been hugely popular among the masses for its customer-friendly and affordable services raised an objection to the use of the word “officially” in the advertisements aired by Airtel. The word “officially” could be treated as an attempt to misguide the consumers as most understand that the official authorities in declaring a network as the fastest could refer to TRAI or DoT (Department of Telecommunications), while Ookla or Airtel have no such affiliation in the scope of this speed test.

Jio has also raised concerns over the credentials of the broadband and network testing service provider, Ookla as the latter claims to be a “not for profit” yet charges its clients i.e. telecom companies for such studies that are made by it.


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