Samsung is working out on some very unusual and great ideas and one of the ideas is the whole new flagship which Samsung is planning to launch. The entire new level of creativity will go to come in a foldable smartphone which will go running on the Android Operating system. The idea of foldable smartphones is not original, the foldable smartphones were stopped a long time ago, and now it seems to be coming back with some significant upgrades and whole upside down changes.

While Samsung has been working on the foldable smartphones for a very long time and will be exclusively designed for the touch now. While the possible release of this flagship will going to take place in the coming year’s end, possibly, while some of the rumors have that the company is wanting to make the launch before the 31st December of the next this year.

But there is no official announcement that what will going to be in the minds of Samsung regarding the release of this smartphone and when it will going to take place. While the titled and anticipated name being given to the smartphone will be Samsung Galaxy X, and it will go to sport an entirely foldable display. But for now, this foldable smartphone is taking down the internet entirely and is showing some very crazy reactions of the people.


While the current design of the phone will go to have a keyboard on one side while it will going to have a camera when it gets folded. There is also no significant updates about the price of the smartphone, but the anticipations and rumors have started to take place among the on-lookers.

It looks like the trend of foldable phones is going to make a debut again in the 21st century while the smartphones will be loaded with some significant upgrades and updates in features. So guys stay tuned to us for more unusual and latest updates about the tech world.


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