OnePlus Nord 2 5G Full Specification & Features

OnePlus Nord 2 5G: Introducing the new OnePlus Nord 2 review. Well actually it is one of Fancy cases that come with reviewers guide it really looks like this which I’m sure you’ll agree similar to your nine chains Can see where the design inspiration is come from us very similar looking camera module uh just without this reflection glass design now it was the dark knight when they say you were the hero is dying or you live long enough to see myself becoming a villain. That’s why, Once again OnePlus is calling it Flagship killer device very ironic because they also make flagship phone itself and one of the Criticisms We’ve Had With OnePlus in the past few years that they just got more expensive. They you know that that value for money is lost what we’ve always loved about them. So here they are again hitting your own flag but still this is actually the fifth phone.

OnePlus Nord 2 5G

Nord family we had the original Nord this man then we had n10 n100 n200 and most recent uh nord ce that was a bit chopped version below. But now we need node 2 5 g . have got it will get a bit complicated but really this is what you should pay attention to because it’s really cool.

So in the box we get the usual gubbins of the phone, a protective case some paperwork also this 65 watt charger this is the warp charge 65 plus a usbc two usb one red charging cable you will need as it will support any misfortune It doesn’t have a pretty standard case like wireless charging, it looks like Nord and the OnePlus 9 had a baby, but I’m glad to see we have an alert slider because we can’t really buy anything. For this reason we also get stereo speakers and the screen has this small hole punch corner for the selfie camera but sadly it is a dual sim 5g.

There is no micro SD card support in the phone and also no headphone jack which is a bit disappointing and finally we get an in-screen fingerprint reader but you can also use the selfie camera for face unlocking but it really doesn’t work. Well there are a few things first it will cost 400 kwd which is about 20 or 30 more than the original nord so it’s a bit more expensive and now discounted because it’s almost a year old so it’s about £70 more but I’m telling you right now and I’ll show you that it’s definitely worth paying extra for because it’s a really huge upgrade.

And the other real selling point of this is the fact that this is the first OnePlus phone to drop Qualcomm and their Snapdragon chips because instead we have the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 AI chip and you know it was one hundred percent the right decision as this chip and this phone is very fast compared to both the original Nord and Nord CE and it’s as fast as almost anything with the Poco f3.

Snapdragon 870 and it’s especially in the graphics department that we’re seeing the biggest optic in performance, so while games like COD Mobile max out flawlessly and really demanding titles like Gentian Effect, it’s high-end settings. does a good job with, although of course in high-end phones you will still find higher frame rates, so the title in terms of specifications is really the new MediaTek chip that performs Uhh surprisingly well and it can be paired with six eight or twelve gigs of RAM and 128 or 256 gigs of storage, so in terms of raw horsepower it’s a huge step up over the original Nord but what hasn’t really changed.

Is. It’s the display and we’re getting a similarly sized 6.43-inch Full HD Plus 90Hz AMOLED, which is still a great screen, although maybe a bump up to 120Hz would have been nice, it’s a flat screen, there’s none the hole punch on the curved edges is quite small and overall I think this is a really comfortable size phone before we get to this camera which I will tell you is one of my favorite features of the Nord 2 and Really can’t wait to show off any OnePlus. The phone is actually software that is running Oxygen OS 11.3 on top of Android 11 and as we have come to expect from these OnePlus phones, it is incredibly slick and fast and cute to use.

I know there’s a lot of controversy about the merger with Oppo and Color OS may be underpinning the oxygen, but if it does it won’t be for a few years and OnePlus with two years of Android updates . is promising three years of security updates.

In fact one of my favorite things to do is remove the text for the app, for which you can even change the icon so you have a really neat unique looking screen, but what about this camera? This is actually very interesting because they are using the same main sensor here as they used in the ultra wide on the 9 Pro Sony IMX766, it is a 50 megapixel main lens, an 8 megapixel ultra wide and finally a 2 megapixel monochrome lens.

So, i have node 2 in my pocket for a few days and i took it in my local town it’s the smallest town in england it’s called well and it’s a beautiful place i actually came here but as you can see in good light the Nord 2 takes some really great shots, but you can’t really understand how good or how bad it is, without any context so let’s go to the original OnePlus Help Nord And bring the OnePlus 9 Pro as well.

OnePlus flagship phone and at least upright in good light. Nord two in the middle of them raise the shadow a bit so it’s a similar story with my lovely wife sarah who is uh very kind. I wait to take three pictures at the same time. I think the 9 Pro on the right comes out on top in terms of dynamic range colors along with overall quality but the difference between Nord and Nord 2 is pretty obvious, but that’s it. is where things get really interesting and Well Thatcher is definitely open for sponsorship if you’re looking, but white balance checks out the original Nord and 9 pro despite the reveal of Hasselblad’s Color Science 2. 9 is the answer on the pro.

Is more realistic and natural, while Note 2 and 9 Pro kind of business blows the original node to the left, is definitely lagging. There is very little detail in the darker areas, it’s a lot of contrast, not the most pleasing image actually you can see behind the petals, there is a lot more detail and more detail in the note 2 and to a lesser extent the 9 pro shot but see also The texture on the table is pretty much the same detail as the original Nord is just a kind of smooth mess. Let’s move on to some low light shots and these are all taken with their respective Nightscape modes, this is actually my current setup which I have moved to my dining room as it just got very hot upstairs summer.

The wave is in the UK but just look how deep the original Nord are we losing so much detail with this I think the 9 Pro took the best shot but again the white balance on the Nord 2 is actually a lot more realistic those colors are a lot more true to life so it There’s definitely less light and night time shots that are the most appreciable difference we see up to high end flagship phones, but the Note 2 does a really good job and it’s a big step up on the original Nord and it’s back cameras and Goes for both. New updated 32 megapixel front camera which is much better than before and in this particular shot I can say for sure I prefer.

For video even on nine pro it tops out at 4k 30 which is absolutely fine I don’t really need 8k on a phone like this and even 1080p 30 with front camera and I think it works great Because we do get OIS with the main lens EIS with ultra wide and overall I think it shoots some pretty good video and battery life too because we’re getting 4500m power cells which is what I think up from 41.15 on the root node then about 10 big or so and also we are getting fast 65 watts charging and battery life is really pretty good by the end of a normal day around 11 hrs i still have a good 30 left But of course you can top it up quickly. Overall 65 watt warp charger compared to the original Nord which is only a year old, we’re getting this slightly refreshed design, much faster chip bigger battery greatly improved.

The cameras and improved haptics rumble on it sound much better when you’re texting or playing games, the screen being the only area that hasn’t really changed, but overall it’s a solid upgrade, so in some ways, I think one plus should just stop this flagship killer kind of marketing they make flagship phones they are better but for 400 kw it is a huge improvement over the original Nord and of course, which is even cheaper um I think the closest competition for this would be uh Poco f3 and in fact, it’s probably a better buy it’s about £100 cheaper now because it’s out for a few months we also get a 120Hz screen and a more powerful snapdragon 870 so it’s fast cheap smooth screen type comparable cameras so really depends if you want to go with team one plus or team Xiaomi well Poco but there are some other issues that I have with node 2.

For example no headphone jack, no micro SD and no wireless charging, no official IP rating, and also we can’t find any kind of Gorilla Glass here, these are all kinds of extras That make a flagship. Flagship uh, so there might still be some logic to pay the extra £200 or more and go for the OnePlus 9 which also gives you a telephoto lens and that fast chip. So I think it is really really good value for money and I would probably recommend them all too but it is not a prime killer yes what do you consider 400 kwid would you like Nord 2 or maybe poco f Would be tempted to buy 3 or any.

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So, here it is all about OnePlus Nord 2 5G.

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