Chris Brown: Tales from a Bondi Vet

Chris Brown: Tales from a Bondi Vet


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As the son of a country vet, animals have been a part of Dr Chris Brown’s life for as long as he can remember – so it’s not surprising that he has followed in his father’s veterinary footsteps. But Chris’s life has one twist his dad never had to deal with … a TV camera crew following him around to capture the day-to-day life of an urban vet.

TALES FROM A BONDI VET is based on the hit Australian television show BONDI VET, which has become enormously popular around the world and made Dr Chris Australia’s best loved vet. It tells his story along with the funny, strange and sometimes heartbreaking tales of his patients and their owners.

From the moment a trembling Rottweiler called Zenna is brought into his clinic we follow the progress of Chris’s many patients as he treats anything from poisoning, snake bite, near-drowning and trauma to cosmetics surgery, and love gone wrong. On call twenty-four hours a day, anything can happen … and often does

About the Author

Dr Chris Brown grew up in the suburbs of Newcastle with a father who was a local vet. After graduating from Sydney University with First Class Honours he started working in Sydney. Three years into his life as a vet he was spotted by an agent in a pub telling stories over a few beers. Two weeks later he started his television career as the new vet on HARRY’S PRACTICE. He has since appeared on BURKE’S BACK YARD, TALK TO THE ANIMALS and THE TODAY SHOW. He now presents the Channel Ten series, BONDI VET.

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