Jack’s How To Be a eCommerce Pro

Jack’s How To Be a eCommerce Pro


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Since the age of 12, Jack Bloomfield has been involved with starting, operating and growing businesses.

Now 17, and in his final year at school, Jack is one of the nation’s youngest and most successful entrepreneurs, diversifying and growing his multiple businesses to unprecedented heights.

As a child, Jack had always been incredibly interested in business and the online world. He unveiled his grand business plan to his father aged seven. A year later, he designed his first website.

Jack is not only heavily devoted to his own business success but he has developed a range of comprehensive programs with the aim of educating others around his favoured topic – eCommerce.

He mixes his secondary school studies with single-handily running his multiple businesses from the classroom.

Jack’s success at such a young age, enables him to boasts an extensive list of media appearances from Entrepreneur Magazine, The Today Show, Studio 10, news.com.au and many more.

Jack is a mentor to thousands through his extensive hands-on experience and tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.


Video: Welcome
Overview of the program
How to structure the videos
Expectations for success
Video: What is dropshipping 
Fundamentals laid out (Plainly explained)
Business model break down
What makes it work
Separation of success and failure
Video: Mindset Requirements
What it really takes to succeed
Setting your limits (mentally)
Managed risk-taking 
Jumping the success cue
The importance of knowing your stuff
Cutting your losses
Goal Setting
Spending budget
Safe self-investment limits. How much are
Risk minimisation
Realistic goal setting
Prepare for potential short term pain for long term gain
Learning from mistakes, cutting your losses early
Dedication towards success
Sheet: Goal Setting Template
Breaking down your goals and dreams into chunks
Bitsize success ladder
Actionable Success Plan
Video: The end goal with your store
Where are you heading with your store?
Always have an exit strategy
The way you should play the game for maximum results
Video: Protecting yourself legally
Company structure
Paying tax
Legal liabilities
Personal protection – company structure
Bank account set up
Video: What makes a winning product?
The method of practicality
Is this product brandable?
Investing the proper time into researching
Do what others won’t
Video: How to find winning products (updated) 
Over 4 different advanced product methods
Cutting through the rubbish
Testing without spending
Minimising loss risk
Video: How to find winning products – aliexpress 
AliExpress top selling
How to know if a supplier reputable (reviews, sales etc)
Direct supplier contact
Commerce Inspector
Multiple Facebook accounts for research
Video: Logos and store vibe
Tools to building the perfect logo
What makes the perfect logo
Breakdown of winning logos
Logos and store representation
Store colours, look, theme and ‘vibe’
Video: Social Media Setup
What a Facebook page looks like
Instagram requirements
Optimal Social Media Set up
Video: How to Create a Shopify store (Step by step)
General store vs Niche
Step by step process
Creating accounts
Naming a store
Creating the store layout and look
Theme selection
Adding products (oberlo)
Video: Shopify settings customisation 
Essential apps to use
All settings explained
Payment Settings – For outside of USA
Setting up PayPal = age restrictions
Everything else essential covered
Video: Abandon Cart 
What platform to use
Why it’s so important
What results are seen with abandon cart tracking
How exactly to set it up
Script: Email retargeting script
Exact abandon cart script to use (copy and paste ready)
What makes a good script
Video: Upsells and Cross-Sells 
Why these are so important
How they can impact profit margins
Effectively ‘free sales’
Apps and how to implement them
Video: Different between FB ads and influencers 
What are Instagram Influencers
What makes an Influencer ad
My personal experience with influencers
Personal recommendations
Comparison between Facebook ads and influencers
Video: How to contact influencers
How to find a good influencer
Social Blade, qualifying a page’s following
Planx Engagement calculator
What to say when contacting (the exact script)
Video: Ad copy for Facebook 
What sort of ad to create
How to convert a customer
Customer *Cycolofy*
How to use Canva
Examples of the best ad copies
How to source content
Video: Facebook Ads 101 
How Facebook ads work
Overview and explanation of Facebook Ads Manager
How I structure my data
What are the advantages of Facebook ads over other platforms
Video: Facebook Retargeting
Different types of retargeting
When re targeting should be used
How to use current data efficiently
Step by step guide on retargeting for maximum results 
Video Knowing the customer
Customer psychology
How to map customer behavior
How to predicting customer buying habits
Analysing past trends to improve current result
Video: Driving Traffic 
Step by step on how to set up the perfect campaign (on Facebook)
Overview of all the options
What avoid
What to include
What makes the perfect campaign, explained and shown.
Video: How to Test products 
Why product testing is important
Importance of using previous budget formula
Letting others do the testing for you
Effective, easy and cheap testing methods
Video: How to track Facebook results 
Exact Facebook data layout
What you are looking for to scale
Actionable scaling plan
Scaling with the right purpose
Video: Facebook Messenger Marketing
Correct tools to use
Overview of optimal tools
Best ways to convert traffic
Email marketing vs messenger
How to sign a user up
Video: When to outsource ads 
Using VA’s (virtual assistants) to reduce the workload
Where VA’s can be implemented
Once your ads reach a certain point they kind of become self-sufficient
How to find and hire VA’s
Managing VA’s
Video: How to fulfil orders 
How to fulfil incoming orders
How to do the process efficiently
Video: When to outsource 
When is the ideal time outsource
Outsourcing with purpose
Step by step list jobs to outsource as income scales
Video: Taking advantage of Holidays 
Why the holiday season is a golden time
How to prepare
What sort of ads to run
What customers are looking for at this time of year
How to not get yourself into saturated ‘Holiday’ niches
Video: The importance of brand building 
Why brand building is important
Why brands are valuable
How to brand a dropshipping store (actionable)

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