Stephen Hawking’s Future Predictions of Earth’s Death in the Next 200 YEARS

Stephen Hawking’s Future Predictions: The most famous scientist since Albert Einstein, : Stephen Hawking, who had made some predictions about how the Earth would end in the next 200 years, was diagnosed with molten neuron disease at the young age of 21 when a doctor said he would live long.

Stephen Hawking’s Future Predictions of Earth’s Death

For two years Hawkins beat the odds and devoted his entire natural life to the pursuit of knowledge. Explaining the unknown but his views on the future were rather pessimistic here’s how and when uh predicted Earth Number Five Will End Genetically Modified Vaccines According to Stephen Hawking the greatest threat to humanity or to mankind was not coming from space, but rather what people on Earth were making nowadays, pharmacists many deadly viruses And they’re doing some weird things with this DNA mix.

Let’s take the example of the rotavirus vaccine that was designed to protect babies from rotavirus and a lot of babies get these vaccines before they’re six months old. have been given three doses, but the main problem and what they don’t tell us is who made this vaccine.

Well, crossing over human and cow DNA these pharmacists and scientists may have good intentions but the main problem is that we still do not fully understand the depth and long-term harm that these vaccines can cause. Number Four Aliens Will Invade Our Planet Well with him came Hawking’s first that gave birth to our universe, according to this our universe is one of the tens of other universes that may have been created with their own big bangs, although there is still no evidence that we can have life.

There are still plenty of galaxies and planets out there. The third universe will eventually end in its final work, which Hawking had predicted just two weeks before he died. that the universe will eventually fade into darkness Because all these stars will lose all their energy and run out of their energy and he also warned us that we desperately need to reach out to other universes if we want to avoid number two nuclear weapons.

Destroy Humanity Hawkins believes that aggression and irrational behavior is our worst rate as human beings and that we will destroy ourselves if we do not change the development of military technology and weapons of mass destruction into an absolute could cause a disaster that would mean the end of our world’s number one earth would turn into a fireball By the time the Earth will be so overpopulated that our energy consumption will turn the planet red and the human race will perish It will rain from the sky and the winds will reach 330 feet per second Do you think this will happen and which is the scariest in your opinion.

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