NASA launches first area probe to review Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids

Lucy Spacecraft Launch

NASA launched a first-of-its variety mission on Saturday to review Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids, two massive clusters of area rocks that scientists imagine are remnants of primordial materials that fashioned the photo voltaic system’s outer planets. 🚀 Our #LucyMission launched to discover the Trojan asteroids, that are like historic time capsules from our early photo voltaic … Read more

‘Lucy within the sky with diamonds’: Nasa’s spacecraft on 12-year cruise to Trojan asteroids close to Jupiter

‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’: Nasa's spacecraft on 12-year cruise to Trojan asteroids near Jupiter

In what comes as some thrilling information for asteroid aficionados, the Nationwide Aeronautics and Area Administration (Nasa) is ready to launch a spacecraft named ‘Lucy’ at present on a 12-year cruise to swarms of Trojan asteroids close to Jupiter – unexplored time capsules from the daybreak of the photo voltaic system, which might be regarded … Read more