Photo voltaic wing jammed on NASA spacecraft chasing asteroids

Space Asteroid Chaser

NASA is debating whether or not to attempt to repair a jammed photo voltaic panel on its newly launched Lucy spacecraft, en path to discover an unprecedented variety of asteroids. The issue cropped up shortly after the spacecraft’s October 16 liftoff on a 12-year journey. After measuring the electrical present this week, NASA reported Wednesday … Read more

Pluto’s ambiance is disappearing. New analysis explains why

Pluto's atmosphere is disappearing. New research explains why

Pluto takes 248 Earth years to finish one full orbit across the Solar, and its distance varies from its closest level, about 30 astronomical models from the Solar (1 AU is the space from the Earth to the Solar), to 50 AU from the Solar. Pluto, which misplaced its standing as a planet years in … Read more