Top 7 AI in Ag-Tech list that could save the planet

Top 7 AI in Ag-Tech list that could save the planet: This is where most of the waste actually happens, with about 45 of all fresh produce lost or poor storage ceiling conditions or Waste due to poor handling creates a larger carbon footprint than the entire global transportation industry, post-harvest sensors have been built that connects to an AI system and can actually measure the health of fruit and produce the system can predict up to nine months in advance when produce will ripen allowing cool room operators to send out the product on time ideally saving billions the ai system can also control the conditions with inside the cool room allowing for the lowering or increase of air temperature oxygen ethylene levels and many other factors to ensure the product is optimal and ready to be shipped out in its healthiest rate at any given time.

Top 7 AI in Ag-Tech list that could save the planet

This system has been proven to reduce waste from 45 to 5 down and the information and learning we are getting from these microsensors are constantly improving, so that we can use it in both commercial and transportation and even in the future. that will be able to store more effectively in your home fringe.

The number one smart fridge is the last area production ends. Studies of people’s homes have shown us that about 44 of all produce was wasted last year, this is where I believe the smart fridge comes into play. Companies like Samsung have already invented fridges that have separate chambers that allow fruits and vegetables to last longer, although I believe they may be in smaller future units somewhere. are going to get smarter such as the units used after harvest.

Commercial containers I believe will be used in home fridges very rarely in the future, this will allow customers to put their food in the fridge and the fridge will know what level of ripening it requires and what it needs need less or no oxygen more sunlight more or less ethylene to make sure it is in its best condition at all times this would mean you can just tell your fridge I’m leaving for two weeks and Smart Fridge will scan what fruits and vegetables you have and apply.

Takes them to a state that creates and ensures longevity This also means you can say I have carrots and it will show on the smart screen how you should store them for maximum longevity and AI is going to help us sow maximum seeds. Choosing the packing storage according to our capacity but it is also up to us as human beings to learn how to handle and store our products as responsibly as possible.

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