Two Americans Win Medicine Nobel Prize 2021

Physiology Medicine Nobel Prize 2021 Winners: Two Americans Win Medicine Nobel Prize 2021: The news is coming from Stockholm, on 4th October, American scientists Ardem Paatapoutian and David Julius have won the Physiology Medicine Nobel Prize 2021 for medicine on Monday in order to discover the receptors in the skin which sense the temperature and touch, this is going to pave the way for new pain killers.


Physiology Medicine Nobel Prize 2021 Winners

Their work has been carried out independently and they have helped to show how humans convert the physical impact from touch or heat into nerve impulses which are going to allow us to “adapt and perceive to the world which is around us”, this has been stated by the Nobel Assembly at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute.

This knowledge is being used in order to develop treatments for a wide range of disease conditions which also include chronic pain. Patapoutian was born in 1967, his parents were Armenian and he was born in Lebanon, he moved to Los Angeles when he was a youngster.


He is credited to find the cellular mechanism and when it comes to the underlying gene which translates a mechanical force on our skin into an electrical nerve signal. He stated humans are in the field of sense, touch, and pain, this has been the big elephant in the room where we knew they existed, he further stated they knew they are doing something which is different.

Who won Physiology Medicine Nobel Prize 2021?

Patapoutian is a professor at Scripps Research, La Jolla which is in California, they previously did the research at the University of California in San Fransico at Pasadena. Julius is at the age of 65 at this point in time, he is a New Yorker and a professor at the University of California in San Francisco, he has also worked at Columbia University in New York.


His findings have been inspired by his fascination for how natural products can be used to probe biological function, the molecule which makes the chili peppers spicy by simulating a false sensation of heat in order to understand the sense of the temperature of the skin.


Julius is hoping that his work is going to help and identify new strategies in order to treat chronic pain syndrome. The Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine has been shared in equal part this year by the two laureates who often live in the shadow of the Nobels for literature and peace, it got created and funded in the will of Swedish dynamite inventor and businessman naming Alfred Nobel.

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