What is 5G

The most talked-about term in technology at the moment is What is 5G. It takes a man a step further in trying to embrace fast-moving technology. Now it takes 6 to 10 minutes to download a movie with 4G. But when 5G is fully available, a movie can be downloaded in 3 to 6 seconds. That is, understand how fast 5G is. 5G has gotten a lot more hype than the rest.

What is 5G? How does it work? How is the future going to be with 5G?

Many people fear that there will be health problems when it comes to 5G. Like, let’s learn many things about 5G in this article. In 5G, G stands for Generation. The next generation in cellular technology is coming. The first generation, ie 1G, was introduced in Japan in 1979. It allowed only basic voice service, ie phone calls, to be spoken. Then in 1991, 2G was launched in Finland.

In 2G there is an opportunity to send messages with voice calls. Subsequently, 3G was introduced in 2001. The opportunity to access the Internet with phone calls and messages. Almost all of us have been using mobiles. Since the advent of 3G, we must have been aware of it.

Next, we are using 4G. In this way, with each new generation came a new feature. But 4G didn’t come with any notable features. But, the speed difference appeared. In 3G time we get buffering while watching any video. But, there is almost no buffering in this 4G time.

Also, in this high-speed internet video call like skype, zoom, high-end games are running smoothly. So far so good, but the upcoming 5G technology goes beyond this. Its download speed is from 1Gbps to 10Gbps. This is many times more than 4G. Okay, now let’s see how 5G works at all. Usually, the waves sent in 4g are very large. So they travel very long.

Also, trees, walls, buildings, etc. cannot stop these waves. So one tower will be enough for the whole city. But the waves sent in 5G are very small. Also, they do not travel long distances. .These waves are blocked by buildings like trees. So it is not enough for the whole village to have one eg 4G.nodes or antennas, as smaller towers per street are needed.

In this way, mini pay stations are created everywhere so that when we travel we get high-speed internet by connecting to any station. Also in 5G latency, that is, the data transfer time from one device to another is very less. This latency is 50 to 100 milliseconds in 4g. But in 5g it was reduced to 1 millisecond. 1 millisecond is equal to 1000 parts per second, which is one millisecond. Understand how short the data transfer time is.

Also, if more devices are connected in the 4G area, the network will slow down. But this is not the case in 5G. Supports 10 million devices in a square kilometer area. As of now 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, all these are limited to mobile-only. But don’t think that this 5g is just to increase the internet speed on our phone. a lot of things to do. This 5G is the basis for many future technologies.

For example IoT: Internet of Things: means that every electronic item in our home is connected to the Internet. For example, suppose you forgot to turn off the light and went to the fan in your house and office. You can switch off the lights and fans in your home from the office. You can control electronic items in your home.

This technology becomes even more possible with 5G. Plus, all self-drive cars are connected to the Internet. They all communicate with every car on the route. This communication should be very fast without any lag. This is because, if the internet is slow, even if the connection drops, there are chances of accidents. But in 5G, the data transfer is much faster. So it helps a lot to have these self-drive cars.

Also, the robot, which performs surgeries related to the medical field, is connected to this 5G. Therefore, even if the surgeon performing the operation is in a different area, the surgeon can also perform the surgery by a robot, even from a different area, without having to approach the patient. This saves both money and time. Not only on mobile phones but many new technologies based on this 5G are also about to work. But as many people are waiting for 5G, there are many people against it.

Due to this 5G, many people are of the opinion that there are chances of health problems. To know how true this is, we need to know about the electromagnetic spectrum which is an interesting topic in physics. What you are seeing here is what is called the electromagnetic spectrum. In which first l, radio waves: radio and TV signals all travel through these radio waves. Next, microwaves: the micro oven, as well as the mobile signal, are all in the form of these microwaves. Next, Infrared rays: Next: Light rays: This is light that appears to our eyes, followed by UV rays, X-Rays, Gamma rays. Are like this. In radio waves, each wave is more than one kilometer long.

Then the wavelengths of micro, infrared, light, UV, etc. Decrease as they move to the other side. Also, its frequency and energy are very high. UV rays, X-rays, and gamma rays, which are at one edge of the light visible to our eyes, have tremendous energy. Most of these can cause things like cancer when they touch the human body.

Also, DNA is damaged. Hence it is called ionizing radiation. Waves on the other hand have a low frequency of visible light. Energy is also less. This is called non-ionizing radiation. Although the 4g we are currently using, we are using a frequency range between radio waves and microwaves in this area. However, to provide faster internet, 5G is going to use millimeter waves with higher frequency and energy in the spectrum. This means that the wave size ranges from 1 mm to 10 mm.

Although it comes close to dangerous ionizing radiation. Also, some people fear that microwaves used to heat food in high-frequency micro ovens pose a danger to our health. There is an organization called ICNIRP: International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection to study how much frequency can be used to avoid any risk to our health.

This company has no affiliation with any company, government, or country. After several years of research, the company says that the frequency used in 5G falls under the category of non-ionizing radiation, so it does not damage DNA, but destroys cells, but if it If the particular frequency uses more frequency then it will enter our body. and produces heat.

But on the other hand, many people around the world are opposing it that the frequency used in this 5G can damage the skin of our eyes as well as the retina and can harm humans as well as birds and animals. is. But according to the science community, research so far, says there is a limited limit to using 5G without any harm, and there is no harm in using frequency in that range. In other words, because of 5G.

It is said that the UV rays coming in sunlight are even more harmful every day. Even if 5G is allowed, it must be regulated to use only a frequency in a range that does not cause harm to humans or other organisms. However, companies like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile have already launched 5G in many countries. 5G has already been introduced in more than 35 countries. Companies like Jio and Airtel are also competing to launch 5G in India. If it is also launched in our country, then many companies will benefit from the development of technology in our country.

Currently, we have 4G running but 5G is not available yet but some companies like Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia have started researching the next generation i.e. 6G also. On the other hand, in some poor countries, 2G and 3G are still in use. However, many people are satisfied with the current 4G technology, as well as the need to install antennas on each street. It will cost a lot. All of our phones support up to 4G, so in order to use 5G, we’ll have to switch from phones that support 5G, as well as most people who oppose 5G, for all these reasons.

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It is likely to take even longer to reach 5G. The Business Insider website estimates that by 2022, 5G will reach just 15% of the world. Population. However, it does not matter that any technology comes without any harm to mankind and nature. But what is harmful to us, no matter how great it is, no matter how useful it is, we do not need it. We hope this article helps to know more about What is 5G.


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